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This website is purely self indulgent.
Painting and Drawings
I am using is to display paintings and photos that I have produced over a number of years. A number of the paintings have previously appeared on the website of an art group of which I am no longer a member. The section of offering tutorial sessions for interested art groups and clubs is new. Please browse and if these topics are of interest to you or your group fill in the booking form and we can have a chat about it.
Also new is the section on photographs. To me the fun in photographs is not point and shoot family photos or holiday snaps although I have a number of these. The fun is indulging in the delights of creating artistic images from a camera. Although I have spent 35 years or more in and around IT and computers computer graphics and image manipulation just bores me to distraction. I use digital photography as a means to an end, producing images for inclusion in documents and newsletters and of necessity I have manipulated digital images, that is just what you have to do to make things work. It is not fun to my mind.
However, creating artistic images using film and a darkroom are fun. The magic of watching an image emerge in the developing tray still captivates me. I have shared some of those that I feel worthy of display on this website. I am also offering some limited darkroom services for those who might have old black and white photos that they want to restore or enlarge. Have a look at the darkroom services page and if I can help then fill out the booking form and let me know.
Thank you for visiting
If you enjoy what you see then I am glad. If you find some of the hints and techniques of use then good. If you have not been inspired then I am sorry but as I said the site is self indulgent.

The banner images are a slice across four of my paintings, the full image of which you can find on my limited palette page. These are displayed in a random order when the pages are refreshed.