Using 127 film

I have been looking to make some more use of 127 size film. Apart from the fact that it is difficult to get hold of it is a format that is worth looking at.
The main source of 127 film seems to be Rera Pan and it is available in asa 100 and 400 speeds but at the time of writing (19th September 2018) this blog everyone seems to be out of stock of both speeds. There is a supplier in the UK who on being supplied with a spool and some backing paper will put any film you like on a 127 format. That is worth giving some consideration to.
This has brought me today looking at other cameras that take 127 format film but most of them are designed to expose 4 x 4 images rather then the 4 x 6.5 images that the Kodak 127 cameras take. There are a few offerings. A number of Rolleiflex offerings which are a mite pricey for something that is not going to be main line. A number of Yashica 44 cameras are available and better priced. I have also come across a Bencini Comet.
The advantage of all these over the Kodak Brownie 127 is that you can control exposure settings – not automatically but I have not got beyond that stage with my other medium format cameras.
This is a subject I will come back to in time so if you are interested keep coming back to view progress.