The Cambridge Years

In 1991 when I ‘retired’ from computer programming I took art lessons with Liz Moon at Chesterton Community College. On this page I am including a range of pictures I drew while I lived in Cambridge and before I joined WHAG.

  • Still life in watercolour 1Still life in watercolour 2Here are two still life paintings in watercolour. The blue image on the right was the first time I really tried to get a real depth of colour from watercolour paint.
  • Still life in watercolour 4Still life in soft pastelHere the image on the right is a still life painted in soft pastel. This is the only one of these still life paintings that was painted ‘in class’
  • SH-Boathouse on the CamSH-Sunset on the CamThese two images are scenes along the River Cam. The one on the right was painted from a picture published in the Cambridge Evening News.
  • Life drawing in charcoal and white pastelLife drawing in charcoal and sepia pencilLife drawing was not high on the agenda at Chesterton however some sessions were set up. These are paintings of William. Each pose lasted only 10 minutes hence the loose but effective way of painting the folds in the trousers.
    The painting on the left is charcoal and white pastel, the one on the right is charcoal and some sepia pencils.
  • Nuestra Senora del Rosario, FuengirolaChapel of the Immaculate Conception, Gaudalmina, SpainTwo churches drawn on a visit to southern Spain. On the left a pastel painting of Nuestra Senora del Rosario in Fuengirola, on the right a watercolour of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception, Guadalmina (also referred to as ‘The White Chapel’).
  • St Botolph parish Church, BanninghamThis is one of a number of attempts to paint this church. I cannot remember at this moment in time why I was ever in Banningham but this is a most imposing structure and worthy of drawing.
    Please do not construe any ulterior motive in the number of churches I paint. They are about the only thing that stays still long enough for me to paint!
  • Eling Mill, Totton in pastelWarwick Castle in watercolourTwo unrelated paintings. On the left a view of Eling Tidal Mill, Totton. Painted in soft pastel. Go to to see the website. On the right a painting in water colour of Warwick Castle.
  • Cambridge scenesFour images of Cambridge. Clockwise from top left: Kings College Chapel from the Backs, St John’s College from the Round Church, The Round Church from Trinity Street, Great St Mary’s Church from King Street. All images painted on Postcards in Indian Ink and Watercolour. What is noticeable is the habit I have of making tall buildings emulate the leaning tower of Pisa.
  • Leys AvenueTeversham ChurchShowing that playing with limited colours is not a recent trend the painting on the left (dated June 1991) was done using acrylic ink – Sepia and Raw Umber only. Drawn in situ in my (then) back garden.
    On the right is a pastel painting of a church. The work is undated and not annotated so I don’t know where this church is. I think it is Teversham, if anyone knows better please get in touch.
  • Guadalmina at nightWe stayed at a hotel at Guadalmina and I was inspired to do some painting at midnight. This is the hotel pool at night. The sky is done in Neutral Tint.