Using a Box Brownie

I recently bought a Kodak Brownie 620 Model C on Ebay.
I have now exposed three rolls of film in it.
The first was very much experimental to check for light leaks etc. I have got a couple of usable images from it. Exposed on Ilford Delta 100.
The second film, again experimenting, was Ilford Delta 400. One image spoilt by a car going past at the wrong time. Seven other useful images of Australian vistas. I did get this wrong. I thought I had loaded the camera with 100 film and exposed everything in strong sunlight – defeating the object of loading with 400 film.
The third film was Ilford Delta 100. Again seven good images but one – a real experiment did not work. At 1:30 in the morning I was sitting outside with a very strong moon lit scene. Setting the camera to bulb setting I held the shutter open for 30 seconds. Nothing on the negative. Maybe it would have worked with 400 film. Who knows – I will try again.
All of this is getting me quite excited about 6 x 9 format photography. Look for more to come forward.

Updated 12-04-2018
writeaessay responded to this post saying ‘Cheers. An abundance of information!’

Just had a look at my camera and it would appear to be an early Model C – (made 1946-1953)
From what I can find out the focal length is 100mm and the aperture is fixed at f11. Two shutter modes. Shutter speed is about 1/40th of a second in ‘I’ mode (Instantaneous) and as long as you want in ‘B’ mode (Bulb).

A note on film. 620 film, the film type for this camera is no longer available but 620 and 120 film sizes are the same. The difference being the spool spindle size. You can get 620 spools on ebay and you can get hold of 120 film in many places. So buy yourself a couple of 620 spools and then in your dark room or using a dark bag re-spool the file onto the 620 spool. You must be careful not to let too much film un-spool before taking it up on the new spool or it might ruckle when re-spooling. You also need to be careful not to get fingerprints on the film. You might waste a film doing this, you will probably not waste two!