family art

Art has been in my paternal family for some time both my father and his sister painted. My father did most of his early work as pencil sketches which are normally quite detailed and not annotated. In the 1990s he joined an art group and produced a number of pencil drawings and pastel painting of some of his earlier work as well as some new subjects. This page is an example of some of his work a lot of which was my inspiration to take up drawing and painting myself. I have chosen to present the work in approximate chronological order of the subject matter.

Early Years 1934
In his early 20s my father undertook a number of walking holidays. Some of the earlier works I have are dated 1934 and are of the area around Epping Forest. As a young man living in Tottenham this would have been way out in the sticks

  • LGCH Barns at Upshire sketchDated in 1934 this sketch of some barns at Upshire shows the sort of detail that was put into his work. I have made a pastel painting from this sketch.

Lino print
For many years as a young person living at home I have this image of my father cutting pieces of lino, normally to produce the family Christmas card. I particularly remember the card with the wolves on it that was produced when the aged P was involved with the Scout Movement.

  • lgch-forest-scene I have collected together 10 pieces of lino work which even now still amaze me. To view these works click here.