I produce a number of black and white photos some of which are displayed on these pages.

Camera equipment
I have 3 x Minolta Dynax 404i camera bodies each fitted with a different lens; 1 x 28 – 150 zoom; 1 x 35 – 80 zoom and 1 x 75 – 300 zoom.
I have a Bronica S2A medium format camera with a Nikkor P 75mm lens. Just upgraded to include a 150mm lens. I also have a Brownie 127 2nd Model and a Brownie Six 20 Model C. An even more recent addition to the armoury is a Fuji GW680 III 6 x 9 format camera.
Oh, for everyday stuff that needs quick conversion to computer files I have a Nikon D5300 Digital. The results from this camera are unlikely to see light of day on these pages, except to say that every image on this site has probably been cropped, rotated or scaled using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program – available free for Windows, OS X and Linux), from a digital photo taken on the Nikon.
More recent acquisitions. Some time ago I bought at auction two boxes of cameras. Most of the items were 35mm cameras but there were Kodak Brownie 127 models 1, 2, & 3, a couple of Agfa, an old Coronet Clipper and a host of other models. In amongst all these was a Koroll 24 by Bencini. A curious beast that takes 120 film but exposes onto 6 x 4.5 negatives. I have put a roll of film through this and have another loaded. However… I was looking to get some 127 film (still available on a good day from ReraPan) and because the Kodak Brownie 127 have no exposure control I was looking around for other 127 cameras. I found on ebay a Bencini Comet which uses 127 film and exposes to 4 x 4 negatives. I also came across a Rolleiflex 4×4 both of which I have bought. The comet does not have exposure control but the Rolleiflex does so this is probably a keeper. In addition I came across a Bencini Koroll S which uses 120 film but can expose either as 6 x 4.5 or 6 x 6. So I shall put a couple of films through this and then probably move it on along with the Koroll 24 and the Comet.

I have used Kodak T-Max film in the past but switched to Ilford some years ago. I used to use FP4 and HP5 but have recently moved to expose onto the Delta 100 and Delta 400 film. Recently tried out some 35mm Rollei RPX100. Don’t really like 36 exposures per roll, much prefer 24. That said I have now got some Rollei RPX 100 on 120 roll film. I also have some PANF Plus roll film. I only have Delta 100 and Delta 400 for the 35mm cameras, I use 120 roll film for the Bronica and Fuji and respool 120 film onto a 620 spindle for the Box Brownie. For 127 film I use Rera Pan 100. A bit like rocking horse droppings but available if you look hard enough.
Have also got some Rollei Superpan 200, Rollei Retro 80, Rollei RPX 400 and Rollei Infrarad film but have not yet exposed and developed anything from it.
Just to add here that I have got hold of some Kodak Verichrome Pan 127 film (7 rolls). I have exposed some of these films and you can see the results on my 4×6.5 pages.

Darkroom Equipment
I have an Meopta Optimus enlarger on which I can enlarge both 35mm and medium format (6 x 6) film. I also have a Paragon enlarger on which I can print and enlarge 6 x 9 negatives.
Most of my other equipment is Paterson manufactured. I have just bought an AP Compact development tank to get the AP spools. I have had difficulty getting 120 film exposed in the Brownie Six 20 on to the spools for developing.

I print on to Ilford Multigrade paper either glossy, pearl or satin depending on the finish I want to produce. I have used other paper but I prefer the Ilford range.

In the past I used Paterson chemicals but have recently switched to Ilford partly because of ease of purchase and also because they should work better with other Ilford products. I have just defaulted to using Ilford ID-11 film developer but have looked at using Rodinal R09 for the higher contrast Rollei films. I have also started using Ilford PQ Universal in preference to Ilford Multigrade paper developer.

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