2018 visit to Lesvos

A short trip to Lesvos, our second home. Main reason for the visit was to attend the wedding of out host’s daughter – an event we would not miss. Only seven days but as usual we enjoyed it. Only a few images here for you to look at – hope you enjoy.

All colour images on this page were shot on a Nikon Digital SLR D5300. All these images were shot with a Tamron 16 to 300mm telephoto lens. All of the images have been taken with fully automatic exposure settings.

  • The flight is an early morning flight from Gatwick so we arrived in Mytilini at around lunch time. The airport is no place for civilised holiday makers to be hanging around at so we grabbed our hire car and set off northward. We stopped at Ancient Phyrra for breakfast and looked out over the Gulf of Kalloni. In the image on the left Kalloni is behind the headland on the right of the picture – about 5 kilometres away.
    On the right is Rabbit Island. It sits just off Petra and there are always lots of people taking sunset photos here. I like this one because the sun is not reflecting in the sea so this one is a bit different.
  • Now this pair of images are an experiment. Just before this trip I bought an Infra Red (R72) filter. I bought this because I have 5 rolls of infra red 120 roll film but I left this at home. However as the filter fits the Nikon I experimented. This scene is looking towards Stipsi from the balcony of Room 1 at Nakellis (Stipsi is the other side of the hill).
    On the left is the digital image as taken. I then used the camera to make a black and white image so that I could see how it would look. I also took an ordinary B&W of this scene which you can find here.
  • I did a similar experiment with this pair of images which were produced in exactly the same way. This image is of Petra Church from the grounds of Nakellis Studios. Not much else to say really. The church is just to the left of the tall poplar tree about 2/3rds of the way up the image
  • This year we visited Lafionas for the first time. If you have a look at my page of 6 x 9 images you will see a photo I took from Lafionas. However on our aimless wanderings I saw this cottage perched high up above the village and thought it was worth a click.
    On the right however is this very desirable building. In all the years we have been coming to Lesvos this has always been here looking a bit tatty but this year the deterioration seemed much worse. What intrigued me was the notice indicating you can buy this piece of prime real estate if you want to.
  • Finally for this trip I present you with a pair of photos of a regatta. This is an annual event for young people from across Greece and this year the hosts were Lesvos. My best estimate is that at one time there were about 250 boats taking part.
    In the left picture Molyvos is just round the headland. The hills you see in the background are Turkey.
    On the right is a picture of the boats leaving Petra Harbour which is on the far right of the image.